People always ask me how they can 'get in' on my investments, so I created this Get Rich Slow Program for anybody who is serious about investing for your long term...


$100,000 A Month.
NET Income.
Every Month.

In Less Than Three Hours A Month.

I am using the same scientific and mathematical formula that Man has used to build the Pyramids in Egypt, erect the Great Wall of China and even to reach the Moon...


There is no method on Earth that is easier, more lucrative or that requires less work to truly 'Get Rich' - whatever the word 'rich' means to you!


Here is the story...


Dear VIP Client,


I love Guns and Roses.


You remember Axl Rose, right?


His high pitched screaming has always worked for me.


Their album, Appetite for Destruction, is probably one of the best albums of all time.  From this album there is one song that describes my dealings with the financial community...


 'Out Ta Get Me!'


I am not joking here.


You see for the last several years (about 10 now) I have been working on this 'wild' idea of combining my IPO model with real estate, and I have been shunned from the financial community.




From being laughed at or simply dismissed early from a board room...


I Have Been Called A Lunatic!


Even by some of you, but no hard feelings we all can't be visionaries, right? ; )


By the way if you don't know about my struggles with this idea then you haven't looked into this too much, even some of my biggest fans have been reserved about this 'off the wall' idea - now our 'fans' have to take a number...


Seriously though, it has been rough.  I can even tell you this - they were right - I was making some huge mistakes in my approach.  Now although I would argue that at least I had approach, the end result was the same.


My ideas was failing.


I was losing money on it.


I was losing sleep and energy over it.




Just like my 'Stories of Greatness' it came together.


Obviously, I mean why else would I be telling you this. 


So now I have finally cracked the code, and I am not exaggerating when I say that this may be my first real Billion Dollar Breakthrough in years.  I don't want to get into all the details of my whole Big Plan until I have done more testing, but I am releasing Phase One of my project.


And it was inspired by a conversation in middle of the night (about 2 A.M.) on a freezing night while I was...


Locked Out Of My House!


You have probably heard the story by now.


It was literally freezing.


I think the actual temperature was about 17 degrees.


My good friend Margaret calls  me (as I am doing push-ups to stay warm as I wait for my key) and we conference in our mutual friend Greg. Margaret was simply stunned, in awe would be a better description, once Greg was on the line she had one word to say...




She couldn't believe the returns Greg got by joint venturing with me on some overseas businesses, and she wanted 'in'.  I explained to her that 17 of the hottest markets in the world were not in our hemisphere, and that to get these returns we had to look outside of America.


She agreed.


I put together a plan and made her very happy (if you have been to a dinner party recently then you know she isn't shy about telling anybody exactly how happy she is with her returns) and we continued business as usual.


But there was something she said to me during that initial conversation that stuck with, in fact...


I Honestly Lost Sleep Over This...


Margaret made a passing comment that got me thinking about a whole new way to educate, empower and prosper with my clients.


You see making you money is great.


Me making money is great.


But when we make money together - that is just fun as hell!


While I was telling her about the overseas markets, Margaret mentioned that nobody was doing this kind of research here in the states and if I just told her where I was putting money my money here and where I was investing that she would have literally hundreds of smaller investors lining up around the block to work with us.


This got me thinking.


You see some of you don't have the stomach (or finances) to work with me on the overseas projects.  On top of that many of you just don't have the time or resources to start an entirely new business without sacrificing your bread and butter income.


Think of this way, if you had to make...


$100,000 A Month


$300,000 A Month


Or More...


What would you do?


Now try doing this without working more than three hours a month, this means you would truly need to have a passive income stream.


How would you do it?


For most people this will always remain such a far out dream that they will never sit down to think about it let alone put together a logical step-by-step plan on how to make this happen.


That Is Exactly What I Have Done For You...


What a guy, right?


As you know I much more aligned with the 'real people' versus suits who were born into wealth and their over abused powers.  I love the die hard entrepreneur out there trying to make things happen.  (My show at is devoted to you guys - so you know I put my money where my mouth is!)


So believe me when I say that this program is for you.


Here is an overview of what you are about to hear:


My 'Get Rich Slow' Program Shows

Anybody Exactly How To...

Dicate Your Income - This is not just to replace your income but to create any income that you want to live with, whether it is $10,000, $30,000 or $300,000 in NET monthly income I will show exactly how to make this happen in the next 5-15 years. 

Never Spend More Than Three Hours A Month - I don't think this needs an explanation, after you hear the audio below you will see exactly how I am doing this on a fairly large scale without crossing into the fourth hour.  When you work with me everything is done for you.


Get Rich With Your Kids - This will take time (5-15 years) so if you have kids, ages 5-10, then you will be able to hand them millions and a CEO salary when they are ready to go to college (or the Army) and the process works the exact same.

Now before we get started please realize that I don't want to waste your time or mine, so let's do some qualifying here. 


Do Not Spend Another Second On This Page Unless...


---> You Have A Healthy Income.  $150,000/year or more will work but at the least you should be making $50-$80k.


---> You Have Money To Invest And 'Play With'.  I would say $50,000 would be a good start, but you should have $20,000-$30,000 at the very least.


---> You Understand This Is Getting Rich Slow.  This will take time, and only the most savvy investors seem to realize this.  I am doing this myself and you and I will be working side by side, but history as shown us that only a select few 'Elite' understand the process of time and money and the necessity of one for the other.  You must as well.

With that said let's get started.


Below are the instructions PLEASE FOLLOW THEM.


Everything You ‘Know’ About Money Is Dead Wrong!

 I promise you will never look at your money the same again…

 - Azam Meo

Azam's 'Get Rich Slow' Program Revealed.

Follow These Three Simple Steps...

1.) Download The Study Guide.  I created a detailed Study Guide (Cheat Sheet) that will walk you through everything on this audio.


It includes detailed graphs, financial stats, illustrative graphs, calculations, formulas, historical figures and accounts, etc.


It is 19 pages and you will be blinded without it.


So download it right now:


You can do this by 'Right-Clicking' and selecting 'Save Target As' then you will save the file on to your desktop.


You can also 'Right-Click' and select 'Open In New Window' and the file will open in another tab/browser within the browser you are using. 


Either way do this right now:


Click Here To Download The

Study Guide (Cheat Sheet)


2.) Grab A Pen, Paper And Calculator And Go Somewhere Quiet.  I mean this!  As you will see there is no hype, no filler not even a 'pitch' (I am NOT selling anything here) and I promise that if you don't get these items now you will scramble to get them during the program.


Save yourself the time, I promise you will be thankful that you did.  I don't want you to passively listen, you need to participate to see the impact here.  This is truly a revolutionary way to look at your money so a few moments of concentration is certainly worth it.


3.) Lastly, Download Or Click Play Below To Listen To The Audio.  Make sure you have followed the first two instructions, if not then I guarantee you that you are wasting your time and mine.


This is the last step, so make sure you have the Cheat Sheet open and in front of you with a calculator and you are ready to do some work.


Now let's get started:


Click Here To Download The

Study Guide/Cheat Sheet

(Make Sure You Do This First)



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