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Your feedback is our driving force, so I always want to  hear from you...

No call, email, letter, etc. goes unanswered - None!

I love, love, LOVE hearing about successes that are happening for you, especially when they are based on changes you made after going through our stuff.  That is primarily what this page is for, but if you have any other questions, feedback, ideas or anything like that - please let us know.

Also over the years we've compiled a group of success stories and put them into a book - more like a NOVEL - so if you want to get your hands on that, just let us know.  It can be really helpful to see how other people have made changes to the companies and learn from their progress/setbacks, which is why I will stress again - I want to hear from you so that others can benefit from your story as well.

So let's make it happen, okay?


These are three main projects I'm working on right now:

Student Alliance Project:

Asset Acquisition with partners:

Growing your company for you, by 'doing everything FOR you'

So if you have any questions it'll probably be about one of the above items, or money you're making from being involved right now.  So please keep me, and all of us, updated with what you are in putting in place and how well you are growing your company... or Empire, right?  Here is the contact info:

Email: faq (at) AzamMeo (dotcom)
Remember to put my email, the @AzamMeo.com in your address book and as a friend so that when you get an email back it'll come directly to you and not get filtered as SPAM.

Many of the calls we get from our websites are best handled by Stephanie or Sam, usually Stephanie.  Most of us (myself included) are techno-morons so, relatively speaking, Stephanie is the Dorky Dungeon Master of the tech stuff that nobody else understands.  Yes, she has an iPhone, and knows how to use it, which more than qualifies her compared to me.  Here is her direct line:

So here again is a rundown of our contact information:

MoonMover Empire

8605 Santa Monica Boulevard

Suite 22345

Los Angeles, CA 90069

Email: faq (at) AzamMeo (dotcom)
Phone: 323-988-0928
Fax: 317-569-8541

I look forward to hearing from you.




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